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Internal & External Branding

The easiest way to explain branding is to split it into two parts...

1. Internal branding (Strategy)

2. External branding (Design)

INTERNAL branding is strategy focused. It's everything BELOW the surface. It's the mechanics of the brand. It's the blue print. It's the roadmap to success. It's the thinking.

EXTERNAL branding is design focused. External branding is everything ABOVE the surface. It's the paint job. It's the facade. It's the GPS that drives your internal branding. It's the doing.

So, before you start designing a logo, defining a tagline or even creating your business name, consider your internal brand first, then and only then, move into your external branding.

Branding begins with strategy, not design. And design without strategy, is just art.

Let's take a look closer at what's involved in these two stages of branding and what a strategized branding process may look like:


• Brand Proposition

• Purpose

• Vision

• Mission

• Core Values


Brand Positioning

• Audience

• Differences & USP

• Competitor Analysis


Brand Character

• Brand Personality

• Brand Voice


Brand Expression

• Core Messaging

• Brand Name

• Tagline

• Brand Promise


Brand Goals

• Goals & Targets


Below is a chart to better provide a visual of internal and external branding!

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