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Terms & Conditions

Below are the Terms of Service (”Push Start Graphics, LLC.”, "We", "Us", "The Designer") 

These Terms of Service set forth are specifically listed to manage expectations and outcomes, and protect both you "The Client" and "Push Start Graphics, LLC.”  is highly crucial that you ("The Customer", "The Client") take time to read through thoroughly and ensure you fully understand these Terms of Service and their significance before you contract Push Start Graphics, LLC. for any project. Please also note that from time to time Push Start Graphics, LLC. may need to alter these Terms of Service & prices without notice.


  • Following receipt of your order, the services will be provided to you by the contract conditions for the services you purchased.

  • The nature of the services you ordered, your prompt and accurate completion of your obligations regarding the execution of the services, and the date of your purchase may all have an impact on how quickly the services are delivered.

  • Upon completion of the services, the services will be considered effectively supplied to you.

  • Should the contract be canceled before the delivery services, the terms of the agreement will decide if you are entitled to a full, partial, or no return and how the contract may be discontinued.


“The Client" agrees to pay:

  • 50% of the quoted amount before the commencement of the work. The initial 50% will act as the deposit, which is NON-REFUNDABLE!!!

  • The remaining 50% of the payment will have to be made before project completion and before any final files are delivered, typically 7 days prior to completion.

  • All additional work requested by “The Client”, which is requested following commencement of the Services and which is outside the scope of the Quotation (including any services necessarily procured to carry out the Services) shall be regarded as additional to the cost given in the Quotation and will be invoiced separately.

  • Without prejudice to any other right or remedy that it may have if the Client fails to pay Push Start Graphics, LLC on the Due Dates, we may place the project on hold until “The Client” has paid.

  • The project estimate must exceed $1,000 to be considered the 4 Payment option, unless stated in agreement.

If a project is cancelled by “The Client", for whatever reason, any payment whether paid in full, or the initial 50% deposit, is forfeited and acts as a cancellation fee.


”The Client" must provide all information requested for project in a timely manner. If there is a delay on your behalf, the completion date of your project is subject to change. All project briefs should be completed within 30 business days (unless stated in an agreement). If "The Client" fails to respond for whatever reason, we will mark the project complete again forfeiting the initial deposit, labeling the project “Abandoned". This falls under our “Disappearing Act" policy. After 45 days of no communication there will be a $150 restart fee.

After 45 days, your project (deals, credits and/or free offers} is forfeited, and no refund shall be issued. Your overall entire project is now cancelled and any design or coding will be removed off the server, any remaining services will not be fulfilled (print deliverables, native files, etc). Any time your project comes to this extreme decision, our company will no longer do business with your brand. We know certain information takes time to acquire to email us & we also know life happens, which we respect and will place your project to start later than scheduled if communicated. All we ask is to be courteous & keep in contact and reiterate that you need more time to gather information for the project and/or to submit changes during the revision stage.

For All projects, all material, products and other information that was requested in your client brief must be submitted before project is completed. You, “The Client" are responsible for uploading any remaining information and/or products.


Illness, injury, or other events beyond Push Start Graphics, LLC.'s control, such as: fire, theft, computer failure, and Acts of God may result in a delay of unpredictable length.


Operating hours shall be observed between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m, Central Standard Time. Monday through Friday. In addition to Saturday and Sunday, the Federal holidays are observed. Should any other dates be observed as a non-working day, such dates will be posted in advance of at least seven days.


Draft files (revision files, non-selected logo proofs, premium paid fonts and themes, .PSDS,) remain the property of Push Start Graphics, LLC.


At all times, all correspondence is done via email, that is to protect You, "The Client" and "The Designer" from hearsay. It is done so to keep a paper trail for records to avoid miscommunication and that can be used for clarification, if needed. These terms are listed visibly on our website, before & during hire emails and client homework emails and are to be read in full before and during hire.

Last Updated 01.12.2023

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