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CEO, Lead Designer

With over 10 years of industry experience, Gerald has expansive knowledge of branding, print, web design in a huge variety of industries – from food & beverage, clothing, realtors, churches, law offices, credit repair agencies, hair stylists, boutiques, the list can go on.

Meet Gerald!

  • Gerald enrolled in Tennessee State University in 2012 upon graduating from Whites Creek School of Community Health & Public Service. He studied Journalism then later switched to Integrated Marketing Communications. In November of 2013, he became a member of a very prestigious and worldwide business organization (Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Inc.) where he was appointed VP of Marketing & Public Relations for his chapter. This was a perfect opportunity to for him to enhance his design skills to prepare for the future. 


    Once his work was getting posted all over campus and social media, several elite organizations began reaching out to collaborate and work with him on their future projects and events. He then adopted the name Gerald's Graphix, where he would do freelance work. What started as a side hustle, he had no idea that this was about to turn into something GREAT!

    The last three months of 2016, Gerald had been building his strategy, identity and website with a creatively new business name.


  • Gerald withdrew from university in hopes to take his soon-to-be business to the next level. Using his 9 to 5 to fund his business and eventually get started on his entrepreneurial journey.


    On January 1, 2017, Push Start Graphics, LLC. was born. Investing 5 years honing his design skills, mastering industry-leading software, and building solid relationships with other brands while helping them thrive; he was able to position his business in a way that he took the leap to quitting his 9 to 5 in late 2018 and take his business full time.

    Upon resigning from his 9 to 5, Gerald's business began to thrive more and more as he went on to continue building his brand, build connections with clients and learn new skills and techniques that will help him advance.


  • Push Start Graphics, LLC has gone full throttle! Gerald relocated to a different city just outside of Nashville, TN. His experience and knowledge in design creatively gave him a push in his career, and he fully narrowed down his niche to focus solely on branding & web design– and everything that falls underneath.

    Today, he is working with people featured on huge networks like Netflix and Food Network, magazine publications and much more. Gerald plans to continue building the Push Start Graphics brand to serve it's clients and will potentially bring on other designers to help them grow and scale.


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